Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gorgeous Family!

So these guys are way too photogenic for their own good! They are a beautiful family with so much personality, it was so much fun to take pictures of these guys! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Wow--Jen, these rock!!! And I love love love your new logo!!!! I think about you guys lots!!! Are you all going to come and see us? I think you should!!! Call me so we can find a weekend. We will be in Poky on the 2nd(may) for my Dad's 50th birthday...hopefully we get the chance to see you then!!!

  2. WOW Jen your picutres are awesome!!! You are getting so good, with such great ideas for each one. Wow is all I can say

  3. Jen, you are amazing!!!!!!! I need to call you...I have been thinking about you lately, hope all is great! How is gold's? I want you to take some pics for me- luv, hai