Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The rest of this heartbreaker!

Did a quick preview of this little guys 9 month pics a couple posts ago...here are some more of his photoshoot!  To die for, he was adorable!!

She is 1!!!

Ok so this is a couple months late!!!  But here is this adorable baby girl and her beautiful sister got to sit in on a couple!  This was before the weather was great and the leaves had barely started to come!  The girls look so adorable and it was so fun to work with them.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So cute pregnant!

So this is my beautiful friend who is about to have a bouncing baby boy!!!  She is a photographer herself and does awesome work so it was so fun to work with her!!  We had a great time, imagine 2 pregnant ladies carrying around a big chair, and also her trying to get up from a laying position was classic!  So fun, more to come.

Sneak peek....handsome boy!

Sneak peek of this little cutie!!!  He is SO CUTE!!!


This handsome young man was all about pictures, so easy to work with I hardly had to say a word!  He might need to check out some modeling gigs, he has it down and looks great!  I loved his style and how easy going he was and relaxed during pics.  Congrats on graduating!! 


This is Gorgeous Ms. B with her Senior pictures!  She made it easy, she was fun and easy to work with.  We were both running on busy schedules as she is an amazing volleyball player going on scholarship to college, she had a club volleyball tournament the weekend of the photoshoot so we fit it in during my lunch hour and in between her school schedule!  It was fast, but fun, and I was very happy with what we came away with.