Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank Heavens for little girls :-)

Sweet little baby! I love little babies and always enjoy doing their pics. We got this sweet little lady when she was 4 weeks old, a little more stubborn when it comes to positioning, but beautiful pics anyway! Her mom made her adorable costume and it just cracked me up to see her in it! Hope you enjoy!

True Idaho Family!

This family had so many cute little kids! They are farmers so of course we had to do some tractor and John Deere pics! It was a blast to photograph these guys!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cute Famly Alert

This little Family was adorable! I loved the dynamic between the couple and the little boy just adored his mom and dad!! He did great for anout an hour then he let us know it was time to be done! He helped me push my stroller around and once he figured that out thatswhat he wanted to do instead of pictures! He was a trooper!!

Crane Clan!

This was such a great family to photograph! They were so polite and so photogenic! I loved each little family and loved all the personalities! You might recognize beautiful Kayloni from senior pictures we took a few months ago! Love these pics!!

My Beautiful Sister and her Family

I always love taking pictures of Family, and especially of my beautiful sister and her awesome fam! We got the WORST day ever, seriously! Darkest clouds, and it started to rain, but we did get some awesome shots anyway! Bryan was excited about shrimp fest at Red Lobster so we moved it along quite well and I was happy with the end results! Such a cute little family, I love my nephew so much and he has quite the personality! None of these pictures were posed, he did it all himself! And if you have been following my blog you know he is quite the poser!